The following information makes up The Club Handbook.

Whilst playing at this club, all members & visitors are reminded that they are expected to comply (at all times) with the rules of golf, as laid down by the R&A.


On October 31st 2010, at a Special General Meeting, a Constitution for the Games & Handicap Committee was ratified. This Constitution is currently being updated.

A DRAFT copy of the new Constitution is available here and at The Golf Club, in a folder in the hallway of the Clubhouse. If anyone would like to discuss the Constitution, could you please contact the Secretary of the Games & Handicap Committee.


A player will be deemed to have been notified of all changes to his / her handicpal as and when such handicap change appears on the appropriate notice board, except the annual review when you will receive notice in letter form.

Members who have a CONGU handicap (including juniors) may enter any competition organised by the Club, subject to the specific rules of that competition.

Self-adjusting Handicap - Players responsibility

Rule 20.11 of the CONGU rules states:-

If a player returns a qualifying score or scores below his playing handicap at his home club or an away club and is unable to:

a) Report the away score(s) to his home club.

b) Ascertain whether or not his playing handicap has been reduced as a result of this score(s) he must, before playing in a competition at his home club or away, make such reductions to his playing handicap as shall be appropriate under UHS by applying the competition scratch score if known, otherwise the standard scratch score, to calculate his net differential and handicap reduction.


Members are required to enter a minimum of three (3) qualifying competitions each year (CONGU Ruling). In order to automatically qualify for prizes in any competitions the player must have an active handicap. To obtain an active handicap you need to play three Qualifiers. Three from last year, or the required three this year.

Clubs will be permitted to exempt players from having an inactive handicap for injury / illness that has been prevented them from achieving the three cards the previous year. This will also include those players transferring membership who have submitted scores albeit at another club, and to golfers new to the game who are being issued with their first CONGU handicap.

All (home) members in categories 2, 3, 4 and 5 who have returned 6 or less qualifying scores (excluding supplementary scores), can return a maximum of 10 supplementary scores in the period between annual reviews.
Players intending to return supplementary score must signify their intention to do so, prior to teeing off.
Players may only return one such score in any given week.

Members who fail to submit the required cards between 1st January and 31st December annually will need to do so as soon as possible to obtain an active handicap the following year. The rounds cannot be carried forward if you didn't complete three the previous year.
The three cards must be submitted in qualifying competitions, home or away, between the calendar year 1st January and 31st December.
These competitions will be either medal taken off white tees taken on medal days, as advertised in the fixtures list.


Singles Medal, Stableford, Captain's Night or Board Competitions.

Failure to complete these three (3) cards will render such members ineligible to win prizes in all board competitions.

Players affected by this rule are displayed on the handicap sheet where the handicap will be marked with an (i) as inactive; this will be found on the noticeboard in the Clubhouse.

Qualifying Medal Competitions

Within each month, between April and October, qualifying medal competitions will be held as detailed below.

ON ONE MONDAY a qualifying medal competition from white tees.


A MINIMUM OF FOUR PLAYERS IS NEEDED TO FORM A COMPETITION. However, if less than four players take part, their fees will be returned and the cars entered for handicap purposes.



1. Please ensure that your name is entered in the competition book / sheet

2. Place your entry fee in an envelope suitably marked with the date and your name, in the competition box before play.

3. Cards must be signed and marked by a fellow competitor who is also a club member.

4. All cards, including  non-returns must be signed by the player and a marker and placed in the competition box upon completion of the round.

5. Failure to comply with the above may lead to disqualification.

6. Disqualified score will still be used for handicap purposes.

7. The winner and second placed player in each of these medal competitions will qualify for the Harrington Trophy.



Time of starting    Rule 6-3a

The player must start at the time established by the Committee.

In stroke play, the competitor must remain through the round in the group arranged by the committee, unless the committee authorises or ratifies a change.

Penalty for breach of rule 6-3a


This penalty also applies in singles Stableford competitions.

Match play competitions
Late on the tee

Singles Match Play: If either competitor fails to arrive at the teeing ground at the agreed time, the opposing player has the right to claim the match, but must inform the committee that he has done so.

Fourball Betterball Matchplay: A side may be represented by one partner for all or any part of a match; all partners need not be present. An absent partner may join a match between holes, but not during the play of the hole.

(No penalty is incurred here)

However, should both partners fail to arrive at the teeing ground at the agreed time, then the opposing team has the right to claim the match, but must inform the committee that they have done so.

Rule 30-3a applies.

Club Competitions

Players should report to the Stewards of the day at least 10 (ten) minutes before their tee time.

In all official club competitions, whether drawn or not, any player who withdraws his/her name from the competition after the closing date, or after the draw of the competition has been made (date displayed on entry sheet) MUST contact either of the two stewards listed for the competition to give an explanation. (The Stewards telephone numbers are on the notice board. If you have any difficulty, please contact the Captain.)

Any such players SHALL forfeit their entry fee.

(Persistent withdrawals will make the player liable to an appearance before the committee to explain his/her actions)

Any player who fails to arrive at the published tee time and has NOT contacted either of the two stewards to indicate that he/she will not be able to attend:-

1. SHALL forfeit their entry fee, AND

2. SHALL be banned from taking part in the next three (3) official club competitions. All medals to count as one (1) (Weekend medals to count as one (1) only).

The ban will not apply to running competitions e.g. multi-round competitions, including Winter League, Owen Cup or Willows Bowl.

Players will remain banned until the entry fee has been paid.

Decisions will be taken by the stewards of the day who will be responsible for conveying their decision, in writing to the offending player(s) and collecting the outstanding entry fees.

The stewards will report their actions to the next available games and handicap committee meeting.

If a player is not satisfied with the decision of the stewards regarding any ban, they can, if they wish, appeal in writing WITHIN 7 DAYS TO THE CAPTAIN for the attention of the Games & Handicap Committee.

The Captain, after consultation with the stewards MAY suspend the ban until a full committee has discussed the matter or until the player has met with the committee (if requested).

If any appeal is made by the player, he/she may be invited to attend the hearing, as a result of which the committee may, after hearing all the facts and giving due consideration to them, either uphold, or dismiss the ban.



In order to complete the competition scratch score, all cards are needed to obtain the correct result. Each score has to be entered into the computer and without all of the cards; the entry list has to be checked to find the missing ones. This creates more work for the stewards and therefore delays the prize giving.


In the event of two or more scores being tied at the end of a competition, the following system will be used to decide the result.

1. If the competition is a qualifying competition and the scores are placed in the computer in order to decide a result, then the computer result will stand.

2. If the competition is a non-qualifying competition or the scores cannot for any reason be put into the computer in order to obtain a result, then a result will be arrived at by calculating the scores (net) for the back 9; back 6; back 3; back 2; or hole 18. If no result is forthcoming, then this must be repeated for the first 9 holes.


Players must NOT play from white tees other than in a competition designated as being played from white tees, without obtaining permission from the management.


Slow play removes the pleasure from a round of golf. PLEASE do not dawdle between shots or whilst walking between the greens and the next tee. Allow faster players to play through.

Clear the green immediately after putting out. Do not mark cards on or near the green.


If a match fails to keep its proper place on the course, and therefore loses more than one complete hole on the match in front, it must allow the following match to play through.

This action must be repeated if the situation occurs again.


Members and visitors alike are reminded that they should be properly dressed at all times on the golf course, and in the Clubhouse. For example shirts should be tucked into trousers, etc.

Members, please note that at all prize presentations, they should be smartly dressed, i.e. casual trousers and shirt (not jeans or t-shirts).

All hats must be removed when in the Clubhouse.

Tailored shorts with sports socks, plus twos, plus fours and any other tailored golfing attire.

Athletic or beach shorts, trousers tucked into socks, jogging, track or shell suits. Gentlemen's sleeveless or collarless shirts.


Smart casual wear is acceptable and to be expected.

PLEASE - No Golf Shoes to be worn the Clubhouse.


It is a rule of this club that mobile phones MUST BE SWITCHED OFF whilst playing in any club competition. They can ONLY BE USED IN AN EMERGENCY.   Breach of this rule could result in disqualification. Any decisions will be made by the stewards of the day.

Mobile phones MUST be switched off during all club presentations. Telephones going off in presentations is extremely rude and very bad manners. Anyone not complying with the above rule will be asked to leave the room and will be expected to apologise to those making the presentations afterwards.

Any persistent abusers of this rule WILL be called before the Games & Handicap Committee for an explanation.


When using your own buggy (transportation), you must have suitable insurance cover. Please see notes and advice in the Clubhouse or to seek clarification, speak with the Club Secretary.


Those using buggies are reminded to ensure that they are aware of the R&A rules giving guidance when using a buggy (transportation). Good manners, etiquette should be observed, with buggy users encouraged not to disturb or distract other players.

Any breach of this rule could lead to suspension from Club Competitions.


Any disputes must be put into writing and either handed to the Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary or placed in the Competition or Captain's box. If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of his or her complaint, he/she may request to appear before the Games & Handicap Committee for clarification.


1. Replace divots (including in the rough)

2. Repair pitch marks on the green

3. Rake bunkers (after raking the bunker, please put the rake back into its holder or in the bunker).

4. In taking practice swings, players must avoid removing divots.

5. No practice swings to be taken on the tees, unless addressing the ball.

6. Local notices regulating the movement of golf carts must be obeyed.


The quality of the greens depends on you.

A pitch mark on the green takes 5 seconds to repair, if you do this the grass will recuperate in 24 hours. If the pitch mark is left for only 1 hour, the grass takes 2 weeks to recuperate.


These are printed on the reverse of the scorecard and any additional rules are displayed prominently on the notice board in the Clubhouse.

To comply with the rules, these should be referred to before play.